Relic Lands

“Relic Lands” is the collective name for the areas surrounding the Capital of the Ancient Kharnian Empire. The Capital now lies in ruins, its population is primarily that of Relics who have lived beyond their sentience limit.

More then a few population centers have grown out of the old Kaern Project. Each Kaern is approximately one day’s ride from the Capital City.

Kaerns and other population centers in Relic Lands:

-Kaern F: A fanatically religious Kaern that enveloped Kaern E almost a century ago.

-Kaern L: A liberal “capitalist and democratic paradise”. They frequently trade with Molin caravans as well as Highlanders who make their way through the Westreach Jungle.

-Kaern N: An archaic government controls the people of this Kaern through subtlety, subterfuge, and near constant backstabbing.

-Kaern P: A Kaern still struggling to get on it’s feet. It has adopted a “benevolent dictatorship” style of government but is still in an immensely fragile state.

-Kaern RQS: Also known as The Coalition, this Kaern is heavily militaristic and heavy on the industry. They are allied with The Empire to the East and are nominally powered by this friendship as well as the slaves that nearly constantly import.

-The Mining Camps: A series of three small villages that owe fealty to Kaern N. All three are centered around a mining operation of some kind, Stone, Iron, or Copper.

Relic Lands

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