Relics were created in an effort to sustain the society of the Capital region of the Ancient Kharnian Empire. They were created under the orders of the Kaern Project.

The primary identifiers of Relics are their bright red hair and their striking violet eyes. This appears to be a common feature among other relics, along with skin ranging from pale white to tan.

A Relic is an artificial life form that is physically immune to the degradations of time. While this does make them effectively immortal, it is not without its drawbacks. Firstly, is the sentience thought limitations. After approximately two-hundred years of active conscious thought, all Relic minds appear to degrade. Some degrade rapidly, resulting in insane creatures before the year is out. Some devolve more slowly resulting in reasonably sand humans for perhaps a hundred more years. But one can always tell a newer Relic from an older one. Old Relics will always display some sort of “quirk” giving away their mental instability. These quirks can include the replacement of random words, muscle twitches, or any other obvious failure in mental faculties.

Before their lunacy however, their brain is simply that of a human’s transferred to another body. Their memories are altered in the transferring process to recognize themselves as a Relic, believing that they have always appeared this way. If this step is not included in the process, the Relic will rapidly devolve into insanity.

It has become apparent that Relics are capable of giving birth. These children grow to maturity and a rate typical of humans. As they reach their mid-twenties, they simply cease aging. On the fringes of Relic Lands it is known for humans and Relics to reproduce. There has been little research done on the average lifespan of these half breeds and their lifespans.

As far as game mechanics go, their statistics are identical to that of a standard human, other then the immunity to aging.

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