Government of Old Kharn

Kharn and its surrounding regions had originally merely had a King. However, after a series of despicable despots, a council was formed. This council and its form of government would later become known as the “Classical Council” style of government.

It originally hosted five Chairs:

Chair of the Coin: The Chair of the Coin is for merchants who trade outside of the city’s borders, both within and without the nation of the Ancient Kharnian Empire. This chair obviously had the deepest pockets and was generally considered the most obviously powerful. It was capable of frequently buying the Shield and Rune votes and could generally sway one more chair onto its side, frequently making the position of the Coin the position of the majority.

Chair of the Crown: The Chair of the Crown was a concession made to the essentially deposed king, giving him a lone vote on the council. The royal family, since this time, had been seen through many different lights, at times almost comparable to celebrities, at times as despicable vile folks who should be put down. Just prior to the Cataclysm, the royal bloodline had become somewhat muddied. True inheritors were lost and distant cousins had managed to get their hands on the seat. Politics has never been played as dastardly as it was amongst those attempting to claim this seat.

Chair of the Hammer: The tradesmen of the city were all gathered into one chair and forced to work together. The plan behind this was that infighting amongst the chair and a jockeying for position would keep prices down and negate inflation. At first this plan seemed to work. Eventually, however, the tradesmen got wise and formed an immense voting block. Their threats of work stoppage and their ever increasing prices quickly grabbed the city by the throat. This chair arguably had the most power within the city, but that was never the intent. This chair was immensely coveted and tended to change hands between every meeting (untimely ends, sudden discoveries of horrendous actions, etc).

Chair of the Shield: The followers of the shield were focused more on supporting the city from within. Ideally these people were healers and built public works such as the old grand fountains. Eventually however, the desire for “public goods” in particular sectors led to bribery and the frailty of the mortal servitors of the Shield church allowed such things to succeed. Over time the chair of the Shield became almost a laughing stock as his vote would always go to whomsoever lined his pockets the most.

Chair of the Sword: The followers of the sword were those that depended on strength of arms and offense to allow their lives success. Eventually this called for a sector that constantly pushed for war as an initial solution to any problem, fostering a very negative attitude towards outsiders. This chair was responsible for managing all the affairs of the Sword church, as well as seeing its will was carried out in council. This seat tended to be held by the most famous of war heroes, constantly seeking continued fame through prolonged bloodshed.

Hundreds of years later, two more chairs were created:

Chair of the People: Those that cannot help themselves and do not wish to choose one god over another fall into this category. This chair was established after the others along with the Chair of the Rune and was designed to protect the ever growing lower class. Most didn’t see this as a necessary job for the government, but repeated rioting, torching, looting, and rampant disease eventually swayed even the Chair of the Coin to unanimously create this new position. This seat was originially held by very philanthropic individuals. Over time, however, it was taken over by dark and evil people who desired to see the poor people’s lot in life get worse and worse. After a string of assassinations however, this seat went to the Arima Family, where it stayed for over one hundred years, until the Caraclysm. The Arimas, a relatively poor family, tended to see to the best interests of the lower classes, but at the same time use this position to improve their station to that of one of the highest in the city.

Chair of the Rune: As magic became an increasingly important aspect of Kharn society, this chair was established to see that it was controlled, maintained, and above all things, used for the city’s benefit. Of course, the idealistic writing of the law eventually turned into a competition of who could buy the arcane vote. Most of those truly in the rune business couldn’t be bothered to handle politics. They constantly sought cash to fund research here and there, making this another chair which could be easily bought.

This government lasted a total of nearly four hundred years and appears to have collapsed when the Cataclysm came to the lands of Western Kharn.

Government of Old Kharn

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