The Old Capital

The old capital of the Ancient Kharnian Empire, Kharn, was a city torn apart by politics and crime. It was a city that boasted immense magic, incredible poverty, and extreme over indulgence. For it time it was indeed the capital of the Empire, before the capital was moved Eastward. It was still considered a prominent city throughout its tenure and was frequently thought of as the capital of the Western half of the Empire.

The city pioneered a form of government that is today referred to as the “Classical Council” system. This style of government is emulated throughout much of the civilized lands even to this day. However, the final load out of the government ended up being a council where the the seats were held by the shrewdest and most difficult to blackmail members of each sector.

The city and its surrounding regions had originally merely had a King. However, after a series of despicable despots, the council was formed. It originally hosted five Chairs and some hundreds of years later created two more.

This hedonistic lifestyle that they had created for themselves proved unsustainable when the Cataclysm was heading their way. Whether for good or ill, the Kaern Project was a failure, and the society that existed within the capital no longer remains.

The New Capital

Two hundred years after the Cataclysm, the Relics that first awoke in Relic Lands and returned to their once loved capital found it abandoned. Together, it was decided to re-populate the city so that all Relics would have a place to survive upon re-awakening.

Somewhere in this time, the Relics re-discovered how to make Relics and copy human minds into them. It has, however, been revealed that this has a negative impact on the sanity of the copies, as they have a further decreased quantity of sentient thought that they are capable of holding. Even so, Relics sought immortality and power, so they continued to make clones. The initial version of the Relic is typically referred to as the prime and is sometimes taken on as an honorific to one’s name (e.g. Vicky Prime)

A few hundred years after this, the sentient thought limitations were hit around the city. Nobody was truly prepared for the degree of insanity which would ensue. Today the city lies in disrepair, entire quarters simply burning as nobody has the heart to dash the flames.

Recently, 12/10/1027, the leadership of Kaern N came to the Capital city at the behest of Vicky Prime. They stayed with her while she explained the situation and asked the “ambassadors” for their aid. For the promise of 30,000 gold they agreed to assassinate the current council of the city so that Vicky could stage a coup putting herself in power.

Today, they have yet to receive their payment in full, and nobody is quite sure what the nominal goverment within that insane asylum is.

Under the city a Secret Council of humans that somehow survived the Cataclysm was discovered by both Venturius and the leadership of Kaern N. As of 09/05/1028, Kaern N destroyed their operation and left only three members and a plethora of researchers alive.


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