Ancient Kharnian Empire

Thousands of years ago the Kharnian Empire was the largest political entity in the known world. Its borders spanned from the Great Eastern Sea all the way into the Unzeni Quays, from Molin Lands down to the very edges of the Vast Desert.

This Ancient Empire got its start in what is today the Relic Lands its original capital, named simply “Kharn” is known today as The Capital. It became an entirely corrupt and obsolete as the Empire spread East. The capital was changed to the city of Rand which was a sparkling jewel on the Great Eastern Sea. The Ancient Kharnian Empire pioneered many arcane techniques. Their unique hybridization of arcane, divine, and martial prowess is what allowed them to expand their borders to such an unrivaled extent. The ancient religions of the Sword and the Shield can trace their routes to this Empire. Even the widely accepted name for the entire plane is simply “Kharn”.

One thousand and twenty-seven years ago, a Cataclysm occurred. The exact details remain unknown, to the common man at least. What was known to the citizens of Kharn was that all communication with the Eastern portions of the Empire had ceased, and the entire region was deemed forbidden to travel to. At this time, top government officials initiated the Kaern Project.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, the program had neither the time nor the funding to preserve very many people. What happened to those who did not enter the Kaerns remains unknown, but the Ancient Empire ceases to exists for all intents and purposes. The Empire that stands to the East appears to be the remnant of that empire that fell so long ago. But the political and cultural entities are so vastly different that the two societies would be unrecognizable today.

Ancient Kharnian Empire

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